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Hello World

Hey there, welcome to my research notes, or blog.

graph LR
  A[Start PhD] --> B{Bad at writing?};
  B -->|Yes| C[Hmm...];
  C --> D[Start blogging];
  D --> B;
  B ---->|No| E[Start thesis];


In the past two year of my PhD I noticed several things:

  • I'm not particularly good at writing
  • I had several ideas and opinions that I wanted to share, but they didn't fit in a paper

Of course, to improve writing, one needs to write more. As I am already struggling with writing whole articles, I was not that keen on writing a blog as well. However, this month gave me the final push to start:

  • I need a placeholder for a poster presentation, as I like to put a QR code on them, so people can find the poster and related data online for further reference.


I feel like I'm late to the party—blogging feels like something from the 2010s—and I actually should be doing YouTube shorts. Why one should write is much more eloquently explained by Paul Graham:

Writing about something, even something you know well, usually shows you that you didn't know it as well as you thought.

Especially in the context of academic writing, this is a perfect way to improve your understanding of your own research.